The Pack Rat Scat is the official newsletter of the Greater Allentown Grotto and is published quarterly. Articles are contributed by members and friends of the Grotto, but they do not officially represent the position of GAG or the NSS, nor the views of the editor or any other member. The Pack Rat Scat is available in exchange for other speleological publications.

In order to meet our quarterly publication goal, all material must be submitted prior to the 7th day of the 1st month of each quarter (Jan. 7th, April 7th, July 7th, and Oct. 7th). Submissions may be made electronically to: Gabby Zawacki
Or: snail mail to - 112 Everhart Street, Dupont PA 18641

Pack Rat Scat Archives:

Cover and index are available for download to everyone, members of the Greater Allentown Grotto will receive full copies via email.

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